Developer, Student, Freelancer, Climber

Eric Dolch

Whenever there is a need about moving or blinking pixels on the screen, or pixels that reassemble a computer-generated image: I'm in!

I started my career as a software developer and gained through five years a lot of experiences. These first two contracts taught me about administrating existing software as well as maintaining and process databases and writing the associated code. Through that I got in touch with .NET/C#/MSSQL and with software as Git/SVN/Jenkins.

Life was great, but the urge mentioned at first never stop ticking against my forehead. So I decided to quit my ongoing career and started studying computer science, to finally answer the question for my self if computer graphics is the way to go for me.

The decision turned out to be one of the best I've ever made. Through the study I got the chance to have a look into various development environments like App-Development, Web-Development, C-Programming, etc. And finally I could confirm my love to graphics programming. I also noticed that I have a huge joy on working difficult problems and solving them with the mathematical knowledge that I gained through this time. Therefore, I made the decision to deepen my knowledge in the master degree.

Now I'm looking forward to applying all my skills and abilities in a professional environment of graphics engineering.

What I Do

.NET programming

Since almost 10 years are C# and the .NET environment my longest companions yet. I used to work with them to develop desktop business applications and query databases while I was a developer. Also for private projects and tinkering with algorithms I like to use this environment.

Unity3D development

Almost any 3D project I've done so far has been done with Unity3D. While working with it during my studies and for part-time jobs I gathered a many experiences of gameplay programming and shader programming and handling the Universal Rendering Pipeline.

Graphics engineering

I build my own render pipeline with openGL and C#. I really enjoy to learn about rendering techniques with their associated render passes and shader algorithms. This was a great experience, which let me focused myself right now more about this discipline. Therefore, I learn now C++ to get more insights into building render pipelines and rendering effects.

Climbing & Socializing

When I am not sitting in front of a computer screen, I love to go to a boulder gym to power myself out and clean my thoughts. And for beer and wine in the evening with friends I usually can't say no, and I enjoy having a good time together with people.



2015 - 2020
University Ravensburg-Weingarten

Bachelor Computer Science

Specialization in games & media design

2020 - today
University Ravensburg-Weingarten

Master computer science

Specialization in computer graphics


2010 - 2013
Hymer AG

Software developer

Administration DMS, Administration Office, Inhouse development

2013 - 2015
CHG Meridian

.NET Developer

Inhouse .Net desktop development, MSSQL database development, First & Second level support

2020 - 2021
Glaess Software & Automation

Technical Artist

Unity 3D development, C# Scripting, 3D Asset creation

2021 - today


Unity 3D development, VFX, Shader development, .NET programming


C# / .NET

C / C++






Unity 3D



Image manipulation






OpenGL Render project

C#, openGL, GLSL, Render pipeline, Post processing



Flock simulation

C#, Unity, Shading, Simulation

VFX Building visualization

VFX, Blender, Modeling, Lighting


GLSL, Shading, Raytracing, PBR, Procedural

Procedural materials

GLSL, Shading, PBR, Procedural

Irish Pub web page

HTML, CSS, Photography, Design

NavMesh tutorial

Unity, Teaching, NavMesh, Modeling